Celebrating Dick King-Smith’s Centenary in 2022

Dick King-Smith was born on 27th March 1922, which is 100 years ago this year!

Despite only having his first children’s book published at the age of 56, Dick went on to create over 130 published books, which are still beloved by children from all over the world today.

To mark this special occasion, we are planning some exciting things to celebrate Dick’s centenary...

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Ambrose Follows His Nose

In celebration of Dick King-Smith’s centenary, we have an exciting, NEW, never-before-seen story that was recently discovered in Dick’s daughter’s attic. This funny and poignant animal tale was unfinished and forgotten about, but has now been completed by Dick’s great granddaughter, Josie Rogers. Ambrose Follows His Nose is out on 3rd March 2022 on World Book Day, and just in time for Dick’s 100th birthday!

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New Editions

To celebrate Dick’s centenary in 2022, there are a loads of lovely new editions of Dick’s books being released! These include some of Dick’s most well-known stories, along with some hidden gems!

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