Water Watch

If you look at a map of the world, you’ll see that most of its surface is sea. We are surrounded by water – all around us there are lakes, ponds, rivers and streams – not to mention man-made waterways like canals.

In Water Watch, Dick King-Smith tells you about some of the animals you might be lucky enough to spot in, on or near these watery places. On holiday at the seaside you can enjoy identifying all the different kinds of gull, or if you’re near a rocky coastline you might even see a seal! And there are all sorts of water birds – some of them with very unusual habits – living near lakes and marshes. You’d have to be lucky to spot an otter, and of course there’s only one Loch Ness Monster (or is there?), but you don’t necessarily have to go far to find water creatures. If you’re patient and observant, there are some fascinating animals to be spotted in and around a garden or village pond.

So keep a good look-out, and keep this book handy. Happy animal-watching!

Dick King-Smith site illustration