Dick was a serial nicknamer

Published on Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

. . . Dick was a serial nicknamer. His elder daughter, Juliet, was Cuddle and Bundle as a baby, which became Bud or Buddy; she also answered to Pimble or Pim. His son, Giles, was referred to as Pecos Bill (Pec or Pike) after an American cowboy. And daughter no.2, Elizabeth, was called Betsy, until she was 14, when she announced that Betsy was a cow’s name or that of a vintage car. She insisted she was now to be known as Liz. Because of her red hair, she was also lumbered with Ginge or Wing Commander Whizz Bang Wilson of the Red Hair Force, abbreviated to Whizz and Whizzer. Other whacky nicknames Dick used for each of his three children were, Owl’s Breath (Juliet), Egg’s Froth (Betsy) and Pigeon’s Spit (Giles).


Dick King-Smith site illustration