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Many of Dick King-Smith’s books have been adapted into films and TV, and he even starred in several children’s TV shows.

Watch the trailer for Babe, the Oscar-winning film adaptation of The Sheep-Pig:

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep is based on, The Water Horse, and was described as ‘not only the perfect holiday movie, but perhaps the most wondrous film of its kind since E.T. . .’

Watch the trailer!

Puffin Meet the Author video:
In this charming video from the mid-eighties, Dick visits a Saddleback pig farm with his grandsons.He answers questions about his story writing.


The Queen’s Nose: Episode one.

For many years during the 1980’s and 1990’s, Dick presented some television programmes with his trusty sidekicks Dodo the Dachshund and Hattie the Black Labrador. Here is an episode of Rub-A-Dub-Tub in which Dick and Dodo meet some cows on a farm.

Pob’s Programme was a long-running series in which Dick and Hattie the Black Labrador solve riddles, often involving animals.

Tumbledown Farm is a children’s television series that was produced by Yorkshire Television and broadcast on Children’s ITV in the late 80s. It followed the adventures of Dick’s on-screen granddaughter Georgina, who would visit Farmer Dick on his farm over the school holidays. During her stay, she would listen to his stories and chat with the resident farm animals.

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