Celebrating 100 Years Of Dick King-Smith – A National Creative Writing Competition For Children!

Published on Friday, April 29th, 2022

Dick King-Smith 100 is a national creative writing competition celebrating Dick’s centenary year – as he was born exactly 100 years ago in 1922!

We’re challenging children to use their imagination and write 100 words to finish a chapter of Dick’s new book, Ambrose Follows His Nose, a unique collaborative effort between Dick and his great-granddaughter, Josie Rogers.

Runners up will receive a copy of Ambrose Follows His Nose signed by Josie Rogers.

The overall winner will receive a signed copy of Ambrose Follows His Nose, new editions of Dick’s back-catalogue for their school plus a personal appearance from Josie Rogers at their school to read Ambrose Follows His Nose.

How to enter

The competition is open now, and you have just over one month to get your entries in, as it closes on 31st May 2022!

Write 100 words and co-create the next part of Ambrose’s story using the extract below.

Schools – if you’re a teacher and would like to get your class involved, download the printable extract and share with your class. Select the three best entries to submit to the competition.

As an individual child – fancy giving it a go on your own? Get an adult to help you download the printable extract and then let your imagination run wild! You’ll need an adult to help you upload your entry.

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Dick, Josie & You

Ambrose Follows His Nose is a fun and exciting animal story by Dick King-Smith, completed after his death by his great granddaughter, Josie Rogers. To celebrate what would have been Dick’s 100th birthday, we’re inviting you to join him and Josie to help write part of Ambrose’s adventure.

We’ve provided a short overview about the story below, and shared an extract below to help inspire you. Write 100 words and co-create the next part of Ambrose’s story!

Download a printable worksheet here.

Ambrose Follows His Nose

Ambrose may seem like an ordinary rabbit but he has the most extraordinary sense of smell. He can detect any aroma from sweets to kittens – and even niffy foxes!

He lives with his family in a hutch and is visited every day by Biddy, who is desperate to take him home to be her pet – if only her mum and dad would let her. Biddy trains Ambrose to become a tracker rabbit – which comes in very handy when Ambrose’s little sister Roly goes missing. But when Biddy’s family find themselves in real danger, can Ambrose’s sensitive nose save the day?

Continue the story… Ambrose follows Roly:

“They came upon a patch of daisies and Biddy sat down in the grass with her tracker rabbit, Ambrose, by her side. Birds sang, Ambrose nibbled and Biddy daydreamed.

Two scents stood out to Ambrose from the moment they had entered the orchard: one was very strong and, frankly, utterly disgusting.

The other was much gentler and reminded him intensely of the hutch that was his home.

It was not until a little later, when he saw a flash of lilac fur among the grass that he realised precisely what – or who – it was.

‘Roly!’ he cried in excitement, bounding towards her.

But she had vanished.

When Biddy opened her eyes, after what felt like a split-second, she saw Ambrose lolloping away. She lunged for him, missed and scrambled to her feet. ‘Ambrose! Come back!’

But he had disappeared down a large hole in the side of the bank…”


Download a printable worksheet here.


Each winning author will receive a copy of Ambrose Follows His Nose, signed by co-author, Josie Rogers.

The winning school will receive new editions of the respected author’s extensive catalogue of books from Puffin Books.

The winning school will also receive a personal appearance and book reading from Josie Rogers.

Judging criteria

The winners and overall winner will be the entries that in the opinion of the judges best performs on the below criteria. Judging is fair and unbiased. The age of the child will be taken into account when judging entries to adjust for reading and writing abilities:


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Winners will be notified by email by 17/06/2022.

Results will be posted on the Dick King-Smith website on 17/06/2022.

Click here to see the full Terms & conditions for entering the competition


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