Dick King-Smith 100 Competition Runners-Up!

Published on Friday, July 15th, 2022

A few months ago, to celebrate 100 years since Dick King-Smith was born, we invited children to use their imagination and write 100 words to finish a chapter of Dick’s new book, Ambrose Follows His Nose, a unique collaborative effort between Dick and his great-granddaughter, Josie Rogers.

We had lots of great entries, and we’d like to thank everyone who took part. We are very pleased to announce the three runners-up! Below are the three entries, which we feel showed great writing skill. All three children will receive a copy of Ambrose Follows His Nose, signed and dedicated by co-author Josie Rogers.

In no particular order, here are our three runners-up, so very well done, children!

Holly Smith aged 7 from Petersfield School:

“Biddy burst into tears…
Meanwhile Ambrose had found himself in a dark, gloomy place. He struggled to find some
light but couldn’t.
SUDDENLY Ambrose smelt a familiar smell. “Roly”, he thought, and bounded towards
where it came from. He got a little closer. “I know it’s Roly”, thought Ambrose, “I know it is.”
He lolloped towards her. Roly was so surprised she ran away. Ambrose followed her smell
but couldn’t find her. Eventually he decided to go home but when he got there, there was
Roly, chewing on a carrot. “Ambrose!” screamed Biddy. “Thank you for bringing Roly

Sebastian Vaughan aged 10 from Bampton CE Primary School:

“Ambrose caught Roly intertwining through the murky and dusty hole. He followed his sister determined to find out where she was heading. As Roly charged through the mucky hole hoping to see a glimpse of Ambrose, she realised she was not alone; a shadow bestirred itself and raised its vulgar head: disgusting, dirty and vile.
The figure unfurled its long, furry body and leaped after Roly. Ambrose reached in front of Roly and took the force of the mighty fox’s bite. Roly and Ambrose shot out the hole and gave Biddy an enormous, great big hug.

Thomasina Long aged 7 from Woolacombe School:

A huge congratulations to all the runners-up from the King-Smith family! Keep writing and reading and who knows what you can achieve!


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