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Published on Tuesday, October 31st, 2023

A little while ago, Dick’s great-granddaughter Josie Rogers travelled to London for a special event. Here is her report on the visit…

“The Discover Children’s Story Centre is in Stratford, not so far from where I was born. It’s exactly the kind of place I would have loved as a child, with different rooms representing different story worlds, books galore, and lots of sensory play for younger children.

I was very excited to come and do an event here during the summer holidays. It was great to introduce Dick’s books to a younger crowd, with many of the parents in the room being big fans of books like The Fox Busters and the BBC TV adaptation of The Queen’s Nose.

Together, we read a story about a very annoying little brother – although all the children in the room were too kind to admit to finding their own younger brothers annoying!

We also read from my book, co-written with Dick, Ambrose Follows His Nose. I spoke about how surprised we were as a family to discover an unfinished manuscript, and how I came to finish it during lockdown, several years after he passed away.

We also had some avid rabbit fans in the room which made it all the more fun. They scored top marks in the animal quiz!

The Discovery centre runs events throughout the year – check it out! The magic of reading really comes alive here, especially when you’re traversing through the woods trying not to wake the Gruffalo!”

Image credits to the Discover Children’s Story Centre.


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