Frank The Rabbit

Published on Saturday, November 14th, 2020

One of Dick’s most beloved and memorable pets was Frank the French Lop rabbit, seen here being taken for a short walk, or, more realistically, Frank is seen taking Dick for a walk!

Not only was Frank very large, he was also quite adventurous. He loved to have a sniff around Dick’s garden at any opportunity, looking for nice things to eat.

Apart from these foraging walks on a lead, Frank was the laziest rabbit imaginable.
He would lie in his hutch, or in the summer, the grass run attached to it, completely still for hours on end.

The only two things that persuaded him to move were food and lady rabbits (does) in an interesting condition.

Also, Dick was known to bind Frank’s enormously long ears together above his head, so that
they wouldn’t dangle in his bowl of food and get all messy!

Frank starred in photo shoots and television programmes with Dick. You can watch Frank and Dick meet a variety of small animals in this episode of Rub-A-Dub-Tub, including some guinea pigs, a hamster and another breed of rabbit.

Would you like to take a rabbit for a walk?


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