Gorilla Disrupts Book Time

Published on Tuesday, November 24th, 2020

A kind person pointed out this article about Dick and his brother Tony, published in the Bath Chronicle on 2nd August 1988. We thought you might find it amusing…

‘CHILDREN’S author Dick King-Smith had some surprise help from his brother Tony during an afternoon of story-reading at Keynsham Library.

Just as 66-year-old Dick was settling down to read to the children, his brother, a local businessman, bounded in dressed as a gorilla.

But the author took it in his stride, laughing at his brother along with the children.

The Queen Charlton children’s author has recently turned his pen to script writing and is working on the second series of Tumbledown Farm for Yorkshire Television. The first series is now being aired and stars the author as Farmer Dick.

The former Bitton farmer and primary school teacher took up writing ten years ago and has since published more than 30 children’s books.

The idea for his first book, The Foxbusters, came after he lost several chickens to a fox and decided it was time for the chickens to get revenge.

Dick King-Smith is pictured above reading to the children.‘

The link to the blog where the article was originally posted is here.


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