Looks Can Be Deceiving…

Published on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019

When Dick was a farmer, his normal farm vehicle was a second-hand Land Rover, but for a period during the 1950s he owned an old, custard-coloured, ex-baker’s van, which he regularly used for transporting livestock.

On one occasion, he was taking a favourite nanny goat to be mated. Rachel, a noble animal with a patrician nose and a haughty expression, was meant to be sitting in the back, but en route she jumped into the passenger seat and settled herself beside Dick.

Suddenly he saw, in the distance, two elderly acquaintances, walking towards them. Quick as a flash, he whipped off his shabby farmer’s hat and placed it on Rachel’s bony dome, and they swept past the startled-looking neighbours.

A few weeks later he ran into the old pedestrians again. ‘’Ow be your wife, Mr King- Smith? She looked none too well when we saw you drivin’ ‘er in your van t’other day…’

*The pictured goat is not actually Rachel, as we couldn’t find a picture of her, but is instead a professional goat-model.


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