Reading Dick’s Books: Book Six

Published on Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

Book Six: Lady Lollipop (2000).

We, Dick’s family, have decided to start rereading (or in some cases reading) some of Dick’s books…

‘Lady Lollipop is about a princess named Penelope and she wants a pig for her birthday and she gets one! A poor boy called Johnny Skinner gives her a pig called Lollipop but Lollipop is no ordinary pig. Penelope used to be very bossy and a tiny bit greedy but when Lollipop comes Penelope changes. She turns into a kind and grateful girl.

I think that the book Lady Lollipop by Dick King-Smith is a good book for all genders. It is a funny and happy book and I think anyone who reads it will definitely love it. People who are four years old to eleven years old are the best people to read it. It has lots of pictures, every two pages. Dick King-Smith wrote lots of books that have really good sentences in and he uses really interesting and challenging words, for example: sensitive. I really recommend that you should read this book. The book Lady Lollipop is very interesting because Lollipop is a very intelligent and magical pig and she is palace-trained (house-trained but in a palace). You will like this book if you like The Sheep-Pig by Dick King-Smith or Charlotte’s Web by E B White. I loved it because I love pigs and if you love pigs you will LOVE this book.

If you like this book there is another book about Penelope and Lollipop called Clever Lollipop.’

Review by Mabel Hurst, aged seven and three quarters.
Dick King-Smith’s great-granddaughter.


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