School Visits

Published on Wednesday, January 24th, 2024

Over the years, Dick visited a great many schools.

He really enjoyed reading some of his stories to the children, answering their questions and giving away some of his books for their libraries.

Although we no longer have Dick, Dick’s family have carried on this tradition, with Dick’s son Giles King-Smith, elder daughter Juliet King-Smith, and younger daughter Liz Rose regularly going to visit schools and other events.

Dick’s great granddaughter Josie Rogers, co-author of Ambrose Follows His Nose with Dick, also does a great many school visits and events, with appearances last year at Bath City Farm, Discover Children’s Story Centre in London, Bath Children’s Literature Festival, Dick King-Smith Family Activity Day at Gloucester Cathedral, Appledore Book Festival in Devon, and Wee Write Festival in Glasgow to name but a few! These are in addition to lots of primary school visits!

Who knows – maybe one day they’ll visit your school or event!


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