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Special Photographs

Published on Monday, September 13th, 2021

Over the years, many photographs were taken of Dick.

While lots of these photos were taken by friends and family, the King-Smith family has a great many that appear to have been taken by professional photographers. After Dick died in 2011, his family acquired many boxes of his belongings, including lots of photographs, which we subsequently put up on this website.

The trouble is that in most cases, we have no idea who took the photographs, and we’d like to know in order to thank them for providing us with these special images by which to remember Dick. If you see any photographs on this site which you took, or if you know who did take them, please get in touch, as we’d love to hear from you and offer our thanks!

Here are just a few of our favourites…

Dick with two of his grandsons – Charlie (left) and William.

Dick visits Farmborough School where he used to teach.

Dick with Monty, his favourite boar, back when he used to be a farmer.

Princess Anne

Dick at a publishing party with Shirley Hughes and Princess Anne.

The top image is a shot of Dick in his study, the small room in which he wrote all 130+ books.

Please get in touch below if you have any information. Thank you.



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