Frampton Cotterell Scarecrow Trail

Published on Friday, November 22nd, 2019

Last month, Frampton Cotterell Parish Council did Dick and the King-Smith family the great honour of theming their fifth annual scarecrow trail around characters from the books of Dick King-Smith. The residents of Frampton Cotterell and nearby Coalpit Heath did an amazing job of creating a great many wonderful scarecrow creations all around the adjoining villages.

Dick had a great connection to the area, because he had lived and farmed there for many years at Woodlands Farm, Coalpit Heath, and during this time, he gained lots of inspiration for his animal stories.

Juliet, Dick’s elder daughter had a great time visiting the villages, viewing the scarecrows, meeting the residents and reading a few of Dick’s books to some of the children there.

A great variety of scarecrows were on display, with characters from The Crowstarver, The Hodgeheg, The Finger Eater, The Rats of Meadowsweet Farm, Sophie’s Snail, The Queen’s Nose, The Sheep-Pig, The Golden Goose, Emily’s Legs, The Fox Busters, The Mouse Butcher and more. Juliet found it delightful to discover which character might be waiting around the next corner!

Pictured above is a brilliant depiction of The Adventurous Snail , winner of the first place prize!

Below is the excellent second place entry, portraying Bella Donna the good witch from Aristotle.

Below, in third place, a truly artistic and memorable scene from The Water Horse.


Juliet and the King-Smith family would like to extend a very big thanks to all the participants for their considerable efforts,  to the residents of Frampton Cotterell and Coalpit Heath for their warm welcome, and for honouring Dick in this fabulous way. I’m sure Dick would have loved to have seen them.

Sadly, much of the land on which Dick farmed has been earmarked for new housing, despite the wishes of many of the area’s residents. However, in another huge honour for Dick and his family, a commemorative carved bench has been commissioned featuring characters from some of Dick’s stories. It is heartening that this lovely bench can serve as a reminder that this beautiful area was such an inspiration to Dick.



  • Jill Wait says:

    I am honoured that my depiction of Dick King Smith’s The Adventurous Snail was chosen as first prize. I had great fun creating him and took much pleasure in seeing the children of Frampton visit him. My own children went to school with Dick King Smith’s grandchildren in Kingswood, which is why I decided to enter the completion .

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