Friends of St. Mary’s Church, Bampton

Published on Friday, March 31st, 2023

Right at the end of Dick King-Smith’s Centenary Year, a special fund-raiser for St. Mary’s Church, Bampton brought together Josie Rogers (Dick’s co-author of “Ambrose Follows His Nose”), and two of Dick’s children, Liz (a long-time Bampton resident) and Giles, for an afternoon presentation of Dick’s life and career, with readings and a Q&A.

Josie, fresh from interviews with BBC Oxfordshire, BBC Radio Scotland, and The Daily Express, explained (once more) the amazing story of how she came to finish the “Ambrose” manuscript. Then we all had tea and cakes (how do churches always produce such fantastic bakes?), and Josie signed copies of “Ambrose”, kindly provided by Kim Harvey of Burford’s Mad Hatter Bookshop.

We are always astounded by how enthusiastic and knowledgeable many of the children are – no exception here. And, of course, many of the parents grew up with his books and are passing them on to their kids… All in all, a lovely occasion!

Josie Rogers and Kim Harvey from the Mad Hatter Bookshop.

Giles King-Smith reads from Friends and Brothers.

Josie Rogers reads from her and Dick’s book – Ambrose Follows His Nose.

Dick’s younger daughter Liz Rose reads from Sophie’s Snail.


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